Lix North


By Lix North $9,200

Medium: Oil on aluminium

Size: 85cm by 120cm

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By Lix North

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 91cm by 91cm

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Artist Statement 

My self-portraits explore my internal landscape and its reflection in the world around me. 
I have always turned to self-portraiture, familiar yet confronting, as the modality through which I feel I can best express my concepts. Each work, each incarnation of self, explores my journey in a genetically compromised body through an increasingly toxic world.  The canary, ever my totem, is to the fabled coal mine as I often feel I am to this modern life. 
My compositions are carefully contrived; from the design/construction of elaborate props (ie. the Monocular, Battle Headdress, Respirator) to palette choice and key conceptual elements. I love the interplay between contemplative space and ornate detail, the juxtaposition of the commonplace with the wonderfully strange.
There is a dichotomy between the warrior and the acutely vulnerable that often underpins my representation of self. Mine is a world where DNA mutations, pop culture fascinations and psychological machinations collide in a timeless grasp for identity that bestrides the bounds of the ordinary.


A Brief History

Lix secured her first solo show at one of Auckland’s most enduring and respected contemporary galleries, the Oedipus Rex, within 12 months of graduating from NMIT’s School of Visual Arts. Lix cites a childhood in the stunning, yet isolated, New Zealand hill country as the catalyst for her ever-active imagination and unique way of seeing the world. In 2007 she settled in Brisbane, Australia, spending the majority of the ensuing decade as a professional illustrator, photographer and commission artist under the name of her graphic art studio, Lix Creative. 2016 saw Lix return her focus to conceptual fine art and exhibition, kicking off her comeback as the People’s Choice winner in the 2016 Clayton Utz Art Award, a category winner in the 2016 Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award and a finalist in the 2018 Portia Geach Memorial Award.



Portia Geach Memorial Award Exhibition, Sydney, Australia 
Lux ex Tenebris, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

East of The Mountains, West of The Sea’ (Installation), Fish Lane, Brisbane, Australia
After Image: Editions, One Space Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

Clayton Utz Art Award Exhibition, Clayton Utz, Brisbane, Australia
Insurgent, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, Australia 
Lethbridge 10000 Art Award Exhibition, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

Mortimer Portrait Prize Exhibition, Touring QLD/NSW/ACT/VIC, Australia 
Real Refusés, Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Arts QLD Live Painting Project, Royal Brisbane Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia

Arts QLD Live Painting Project, Royal Brisbane Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia
Minus Canvas III, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, Australia

Relaunch Exhibition, The Refinery Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

Mitochondria, The Art Factor Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand
Art in Windows, Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson, New Zealand

Grand Opening Exhibition, The Art Factor Gallery, Nelson, NZ

Self-Titled, Start Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
Mid-Winter Exhibition, Start Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand 
No Res, Gallery 203, Nelson, New Zealand

Digillusions, Silkwood Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand
Arcanum, Silkwood Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand 

Art in Windows, Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson, New Zealand 
Soliloquy, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Showcase: New Work, Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand 
Contra, The Metro, Nelson, New Zealand

Creme, NMIT Graduate Exhibition, Nelson, New Zealand
Telecom Art Award Finalist Exhibition, Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

Awards & Prizes 

Finalist - Portia Geach Memorial Award, Australia

Winner - Clayton Utz Art Award People’s Choice Award, Australia
Category Winner - Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award, Australia

Finalist - Mortimer Portrait Prize, Australia
Finalist - Aesthetica Art Prize, United Kingdom

Winner - Telecom NZ Art Award, New Zealand


DipVA (Diploma in Visual Arts, 3yrs), NMIT, New Zealand

NZQA Scholarship in Photography, New Zealand 


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