Cynthia Breusch

20 May - 7 June 2022

Cynthia Breusch's atmospheric paintings convey an other-worldly timelessness, evoking universal themes of meaning and purpose, memory, dreams and the transcendent.

Lindy Sale

20 May - 7 June 2022

Lindy Sale paints mainly in acrylic and oil on linen, canvas or paper, as well as making three-dimensional pieces in plaster. The key themes of her work are the beauty, mystery and strangeness of nature, and the effects and marks of human settlement on the natural environment.

Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award

9 - 18 June 2022

With a first prize of $20 000 we invite all artists to enter a small scale artwork including paintings, drawings, photographs and all 2D artworks up to 61cm in height or width.

The Judging is based on three equally evaluated criteria of creativity, originality and skill.

Entries open February 2022

Pat Hall

1 - 19 July 2022

Pat Hall floods her stretched paper canvases with colour, whether it’s reflecting off waxy eucalyptus leaves, or ocean ripples which refract the bright colours of coral trout swirling beneath the surface at Agincourt Reef, each sun drenched watercolour unifies individual elements into a unique whole.

Scott McDougall

1 - 19 July 2022

Scott McDougall’s still life and landscape paintings capture his local neighbourhood of far Northern NSW. A contrast to the bustle and hum of inner Sydney where he lived for forty years. Having been settled in the area now for five years, Scott has become familiar with the lush rural vistas. His new works reflect the calmness and tranquility of the Tweed Valley.

Marisa Veerman

22 July - 9 August 2022

Marisa Veerman’s artworks are inspired by childhood innocence, fragility and emotion that draw the viewer inwards, making visible abstract human emotions. This vulnerability is juxtaposed against an abundant strength. Her gestural work communicates emotion to us with a raw honesty and quiet joy.

Glow - Group Exhibition

12 - 30 August 2022

A celebration of light.
Light can guide, immerse, bedazzle, warm, and inspire.
It can radiate a comforting glow or cast a heavy shadow.
Just a tweak of light can transform an entire narrative.
Follow Lethbridge Gallery artists as they explore the luminous theme, highlighting the importance light plays throughout fine art.

Catalogue released soon

Beth Mitchell

26 August - 20 September 2022

Beth Mitchell's underwater collection uniquely expresses the exploration of femininity beyond beauty through peace & rebirth following aloneness and environmental & cultural devastation.

Beth constantly reaches new levels of technical challenge, presenting piercingly impactful vision as well as streamlined monochromatic and emotive, oceanic works.


14-22 October 2022

Featuring well-known Australian artists including:
Ray Crooke
Pro Hart
Tim Storrier
Judy Cassab
Sidney Nolan
Donald Friend
Charles Blackman
Stewart Macfarlane
Barbara Hanrahan
And many more

Scott Breton

28 October - 15 November 2022

Throughout Scott Breton’s new exhibition 'Anthropomorphisms', figure and landscape become equal partners - performing a choreographed dance, a duet. Subtle rhythms and gestures of the landscape can be articulated in the movements of the figures, as the landscape, to some degree, gains its own interiority.

Bronwyn Hill

25 November - 13 December 2022

Bronwyn Hill predominantly focuses on portrait and figurative work, Hill is recognized by her photo-real oil paintings that follow a narrative, exploring self-analysis and introspection that are often inspired by moments in solitude. Hill's use of light and shadow is a recurring feature to her work along with the contrast of high detail and soft layering techniques.

Lisa Christensen

25 November - 13 December 2022

Lisa’s paintings have evolved out of a “love for detail, colour and form, and the desire to convey something otherworldly with humble everyday objects”. Extending on the rich history of still-life painting, Lisa is influenced by the Dutch and Spanish still-life paintings of the 17th century.