Jodie Wells

25 November - 14 December 2021

Opening event 3-5pm Saturday 27 November

Jodie Wells has exhibited extensively around Australia since 2007, including over 15 solo exhibitions. Her work has been selected as a finalist in many of Australia’s top art prizes, including the Tattersalls Art Prize, Glover Prize, Sunshine Coast Art Prize amongst many others. Jodie’s paintings are held in the Gold Coast Regional Art Gallery collection, as well as in private collections around Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai and Europe.

As Australia gingerly emerges from Covid lockdowns, opening its borders within the country and to the world, it seemed fitting to include the horse in Jodie’s latest collection of works. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom, a symbol of travel, movement, and desire. In seemingly effortless bold broad strokes, generously thick layers of paint have been used to further explore natures beauties of horses, birds and flowers in an attempt to capture and amplify their natural beauty.

Bronwyn Searle

5 - 23 November 2021

Bronwyn’s new paintings have been inspired by our oft mistaken notion that plants are considered to be perfect only when they grow where we want them to grow. Flowering plants that self-sow in unplanned spaces, or bloom only briefly once picked, are mostly overlooked, dug out, or considered not commercially viable.

In this collection of floral still life paintings Bronwyn has chosen to highlight these blooms, allowing them to shine and be appreciated for what they are.

She has given each flower a chance to be singled out and appreciated for its intrinsic form and intensity of colour, regardless of where it once grew.

Margaret Ingles

5- 23 November 2021

“Thirty Cups” is a series about sanctuary, shelter and retreat, where the teacup takes centre stage as a symbol for home, even when our relationship with home is transformed by lockdowns, becoming a beautiful prison of sorts. The last two years have taken their toll on everyone so this is as much a celebration of the ritual of tea-making, as it is a lament of loss for human connection, memory making and shared experience. Teacups hang by a thread, cups threaten to fall and the tea is close to spilling.

Moments: A Still Life Exhibition

28 May - 12 June 2021

Featuring nationally recognised artists Tsering Hannaford (multi-Archibald prize finalist), Andrew Bonneau (works collected by the National Portrait gallery), Bronwyn Hill (Winner Clayton Utz art award and Brisbane Portrait Prize category winner) and Oliver Shepherd, 'Moments: A Still Life Exhibition' celebrates the still life genre through the painting medium.

Each artist approaches the genre with their own unique style, through varying concepts and interpretations. Some celebrate worldly goods and pleasures, while others explore the shortness and fragility of life. A striking exhibition of memento mori and vanitas.


20 August - 7 September 2021


Artists represented by Lethbridge Gallery take the opportunity to explore what home means to them. Whether it be the house, the studio, a person, the mind, a suburb or a far-off place. The home is a personal space of knowing and comfort.