Lisa Christensen

PADDINGTON 12 – 30 July

This body of work extends the subjects of my work beyond the domestic realm to found birds and Australian plants and wildflowers. The works seek to evoke a sense of fragility and the sublime, with a strong focus on light.
Picturing dead birds amongst iconic Australian wildflowers focuses attention on how we relate to imagery of our natural environment. Idealised scenes of rosellas and other native birds frolicking and feeding from the flowers, are turned on their end by depictions of soft, lifeless birds that I have found locally, amongst a scattered array of foliage. I hope that these images evoke a thoughtful encounter with current environmental concerns.

John Brigden

PADDINGTON 12 – 30 July

John has had over 35 major international and national exhibitions with over 50 group exhibitions. Some highlights include the invitation to participate in two International Biennales
in Poland, an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria curatored by Experimenta Media
Arts, four exhibitions with the New York Festivals USA, an exhibition at the Original Levi’s Store Flagship Gallery in London, a Survey exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. In 2010 Brigden was awarded ‘Best of Show’ in the American Art Awards.

Ryan Daffurn and Chase Archer

BULIMBA 19 July - 18 August

Artists Ryan Daffurn and Chase Archer show with the Bulimba Gallery

Bronwyn Hill

PADDINGTON 3 - 20 August

Bronwyn Hill is recognized by her hyperreal figurative paintings. Her artworks follow a narrative, representing a change of state of mind, scene, and of new beginnings. This new series of photorealistic oil paintings exploring melancholia and self-analysis. Each painting captures a stillness and a moment of contemplation.

Alex Louisa

PADDINGTON 3 - 20 August

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa has been exhibiting within Australia since 2007, and internationally since 2012. Endlessly inspired by nature, she loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain. Alex’s current body of work has allowed her to explore her love of both realistic and abstract elements - the two polar opposites of her artistic practise. Through realism she explores her love of oil painting to capture detail in key areas to bring the subject to life, while more abstract elements in some pieces add interest and a dynamic element to the piece. She has also rediscovered her love of landscape painting, and relishes the chance to capture scenery in paint.

Bulimba Showcase

Currently in Gallery

Our Bulimba Gallery is currently showing a collection of artworks showcasing a combination of new and established artists.

Andrew Bonneau and Daevid Anderson with Lukifer Aurelius

BULIMBA 23 August – 22 September

Andrew Bonneau, Lukifer Aurelius and Daevid Anderson present their take on figurative and still life painting by combining the traditional with the contemporary.

John Morris

PADDINGTON 23 August – 10 September

The works of John Morris spring from exhaustive sketching and illustration, drawing on intensive research.

Intricately carved from wood by his skilled hand, John’s sculptures explore an ongoing fascination with human form and anatomy; deconstructed, modified, and added to.

Contrasting elements of biological, geometrical and mechanical work harmoniously together as he explores the space between the second and third dimensions, incorporating drawing in to his sculptures.

J Valenzuela Didi

PADDINGTON 23 August – 10 September

Brisbane artist J Valenzuela Didi draws on the emergence of patterns and geometric shapes to explore common scenes and signposts of modern life. In his paintings, familiar urban landscapes become haunting and alien reminders of the beauty and character of the present-day.

Marissa Veerman

PADDINGTON 14 September -1 October

“I have developed my techniques through a deep personal desire to find a peaceful silence.
To pause in an in between place.
Stitching is a deliberate act of taking time.
To linger.
To move forward slowly, quietly and with consideration.”
Marisa Veerman

Elissa Sampson

PADDINGTON 14 September - 1 October

Elissa Sampson will be showing her contemporary still life artworks

Brisbane Portrait Prize

OPENING EVENT 10 October 2019

The Brisbane Portrait Prize is a major new event on the Australian art scene. The $50,000 Lord Mayor’s Prize has a distinctly Brisbane feel. It showcases the best in contemporary portraiture and celebrates the character of the city and those who make it special.

Showing at the Brisbane Powerhouse 30 September - 31 October 2019

Jonathan Bentley and K D De Silva

BULIMBA 4 October - 3 November

Jan Jorgensen


Jan Jorgensen is a Brisbane icon, her much loved paintings are inspired by her hometown and depict the buildings, homes and streetscapes of the inner suburbs that are iconic to Brisbane. These settings are familiar, sometimes surprising, but not to be taken at face value. Woven into the architecture and the history are the stories of the place and the people who have lived there.

Ai Shah

PADDINGTON 18 October – 5 November

The recurring inspiration behind Ai Shah’s paintings is water. In a constant a state of transformation, water it is always on the move, taking new shapes, forms and textures, playing hide and seek with the light, and reflecting the changing world around it.

Clare Toms

PADDINGTON 9 - 26 November

Clare Toms is a visual artist based between Melbourne and Mexico.
Conceptually Clare’s work explores themes of intangible and physical transience and our interconnectedness with the environment, through the creation of contemporary, secular memento-mori pieces and more recently still-life. Travel, transience and the environment are important themes in her work, and travel plays a significant part in the process of conceptual development. Clare has worked on various side projects such as an international collaboration, teaching visual arts and working with primary school children as part of an Intercultural art exchange program between Australia and Peru.

Oliver Shepherd

PADDINGTON 9 - 26 November

The Gin Bar is a homage to Oliver's favourite pass-time (gin) inspired by his family's celebrated collection (of gins). Aside from being in abundance in the artist's studio, gin bottles also provided the opportunity to paint blocks of primary colours not commonly available to a portrait artist. The pairing of these colours with the unique shapes of each bottle, along with the irresistible textures of glass, metal, wood, foliage and liquid, made these gin bottles the perfect subject for Oliver's first still-life series.

Linda Zucco and Amanda Cameron

BULIMBA 8 November - 8 December 2019

Linda Zucco and Amanda Cameron combine to present a quintessential Australian experience with their new collections.

Jodie Wells

PADDINGTON 30 November – 17 December

Jodie Wells manages to capture her images in what is perceived to be minimal broad strokes of paint, spread with a palette knife. Her richly textured style combined with a dramatic colour palette creates vivid interpretations of nature.