Turning Corners by Alexandra Matthews

1 - 18 June 2024

40 years living in and renovating a Red Hill cottage, Alexandra’s intimacy with her local urban landscape and mastery of her unique style are documented in her latest collection. Setting out late afternoon, views unfurl at walking pace as corners are turned and familiar suburban scenes transition by light, both natural and artificial. Empty streets recall solitary walks uncovering hidden splendour and beauty, without neglecting the power of shadow and dark spaces brooding between.

Outside In by Bronwyn Searle

1 - 18 June 2024

Two different subject settings are brought together in this collection through formal and informal placement of found flora. While Bronwyn has brought found blooms and leaves inside to be put on show and shared, the chalk drawings on various pathways evoke memory of childhood freedoms for play and self expression.

Big Sky by Scott McDougall

21 June - 9 July 2024

Scott McDougall’s career spans an impressive four decades. Since beginning his artist’s practice in Queensland, Scott has travelled extensively, capturing intimately observed moments across the globe. Employing highly refined painting techniques Scott’s paintings poetically describe places and people using beautifully controlled colour harmonies, carefully modulated tones and an exacting attention to detail.

Local Knowledge by Matt James

21 June - 9 July 2024

Brisbane artist Matt James’ art practice is focussed upon landscape painting and drawing. Having grown up in rural West Wales, Matt’s love of the outdoors is the key driver of his dynamic works.

Based on pencil and oil sketches created in situ, from photographs, and from his recollection of locations, Matt’s dynamic representations of place arise from a synthesis of memory and sense impressions. Considered observation of the shape of the landscape, the movement of clouds, the perception of distance and the shifting of light inform Matt’s thickly textured approach, allowing him to move between representational and abstract responses to places.

Lethbridge 20000

13 - 30 July 2024

With a first prize of $20 000, the Lethbridge Art Award is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks. Entrants may submit a 2D or 3D artwork up to 61cm (24 inches) in height, width, or depth. Judging is based on three equally evaluated criteria of creativity, originality, and skill.

Joe Whyte

2 -20 August 2024

Joe Whyte is a Melbourne-based Visual Artist and Illustrator. After graduating from Monash University with a degree in Visual Communication, he spent time developing his craft, studying classical drawing, and painting in Argenton-Chateau, France. Working in various drawing mediums and oil paints, his intricate works draw inspiration from the people, places and character of Melbourne's inner-north.

Joe has exhibited widely and has been shortlisted for numerous awards both nationally and internationally. He was the winner of the 2020 A.M.E Bale Drawing Prize.

Warren Crossett

2 - 20 August 2024

Warren Crossett is an artist based in Melbourne whose work is often an ode to the past, with elements of the old masters and surrealism mixed together, often employing symbols and metaphors. When depicting general subjects the philosophy of beauty in simple things is displayed as well as commitment to working from life.

His subject matter ranges from portraiture, landscapes, still life and conceptual themes with incorporated symbology.

Marisa Veerman

23 August - 17 September 2024

Marisa Veerman is a Brisbane based fine artist working in the areas of photography and textiles. Forging a career as a textile visual merchandiser in fabric boutiques across the state, Marisa was well known for her creative expertise in sculpting theatrical pieces on mannequins using pins and fabric alone.

An emerging force in the art world, Marisa has now established a unique space through the creation of mixed media photographic works that are embellished with fine embroidery and beading. Using carefully staged and costumed models, Veerman utilises light and long-exposure times to effect a melancholic and ethereal beauty, transcendent of time and place.

Scott Breton

20 September - 15 October 2024

Using a range of traditional drawing, painting and sculpting media as well as exploring digital counterparts to these, Scott sees plastic composition rather than any particular media as the core of the classical ethos. He is interested in how this sense of plasticity can be utilised by the contemporary artist. This endeavour seems to closely mirror a more general exploration of how the specifics of the contemporary human experience relate to and can be informed by insights about the human condition that have emerged across all of human history.

Bronwyn Hill

18 October - 5 November 2024

Bronwyn Hill (b.1989) is a Brisbane based painter. Predominantly focusing on portrait and figurative work, Hill is recognized by her photo-real oil paintings that follow a narrative, exploring self-analysis and introspection that are often inspired by moments in solitude. Hill's use of light and shadow is a recurring feature to her work along with the contrast of high detail and soft layering techniques.

Lisa Christensen

8 - 26 November 2024

Redcliffe-based artist Lisa Christensen graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), majoring in painting. Lisa has exhibited in Brisbane and the South-East Corner, and her work has been selected for various prizes including the Thiess Art Prize, Gadens Top Ten, Clayton Utz Art Award and the Robert Jacks Drawing Prize.

Lisa’s paintings have evolved out of a “love for detail, colour and form, and the desire to convey something otherworldly with humble everyday objects”.

Extending on the rich history of still-life painting, Lisa is influenced by the Dutch and Spanish still-life paintings of the 17th century, that focused on themes of mortality through the depiction of flowers, fruits and other domestic objects that stand as reminders of impermanence in this life.

Jodie Wells

29th November - 21st December 2024

Jodie Wells has exhibited extensively around Australia since 2007. In that time, she has held a number of solo exhibitions and her work has been selected as a finalist in many of Australia’s top art prizes, including the Duke Prize in 2011. Jodie’s paintings are held in the Gold Coast Regional Art Gallery collection, as well as in private collections around Australia and England.
Jodie manages to capture her images in what is perceived to be minimal broad strokes of paint, spread with a palette knife. Her richly textured style combined with a dramatic colour palette creates vivid interpretations of nature

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