Scott Breton

29 September - 17 October

After completing a science degree (BSc (Genetics) University of Queensland) and contemplating a career in biotechnology, Scott committed fully to pursuing art, continuing a classically leaning arts education and practise begun much earlier. In 2012 Scott won the highly contested A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship, Australia’s largest national prize for developing the careers of traditional representational artists. This allowed Scott to do further study with contemporary classical artists in the US and Europe, and has contributed to his view of the relevance of Renaissance thinking and aesthetics in the Arts in the 21st century.

Michael Simms

13 - 24 October

Michael Simms is a multi-award winning queer artist based in Sydney on Gadigal Country. His paintings range from portraiture and landscape work, to explorations of queer culture and identity in the digital age. This new body of work will continue his exploration of identity through the figure.

Tara Spicer

13 -24 October

Tara has a beautiful gift for immersing the viewer into a world of Allegorical Surrealism. Her paintings engage us with their dainty tea cups - a symbol of the artists own for “taking time to connect with friends and to be kind to oneself” along with many other Allegorical Symbolism of the artists, such as feathers, top hats, nests and trees.
Each original work of Tara’s tells a story and may even offer a little piece of wisdom that the artist her self has gained along her own path of life.

Pat Hall

3 - 21 November

Pat Hall floods her stretched paper canvases with colour before sealing them in a UV stabilised and waterproof coating. The images remain vibrant and accessible without being hidden behind glass; breathing new life into the medium.

Ai Shah

3 - 21 November

After growing up in Japan, I moved to Australia in 2005. The bright sun and surrounding colours have always struck me deeply and so, I started painting landscapes. Soon after beginning to paint, I became especially interested in water as a subject. Its movement, depth, colours, reflections, mood and tranquillity. It is so ephemeral and fragile. I am fascinated trying to grasp those moments and recreate my experience of water on the canvas.

Lisa Christensen

17 November - 5 December

Lisa’s paintings have evolved out of a “love for detail, colour and form, and the desire to convey something otherworldly with humble everyday objects”.

Extending on the rich history of still-life painting, Lisa is influenced by the Dutch and Spanish still-life paintings of the 17th century, that focused on themes of mortality through the depiction of flowers, fruits and other domestic objects that stand as reminders of impermanence in this life.

Jodie Wells

9 - 24 December

Jodie Wells has exhibited extensively around Australia since 2007. In that time, she has held a number of solo exhibitions and her work has been selected as a finalist in many of Australia’s top art prizes, including the Duke Prize in 2011. Jodie’s paintings are held in the Gold Coast Regional Art Gallery collection, as well as in private collections around Australia and England.

Jodie manages to capture her images in what is perceived to be minimal broad strokes of paint, spread with a palette knife. Her richly textured style combined with a dramatic colour palette creates vivid interpretations of nature.