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1 - 24 December 2022

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Confessions - Scott Breton

28 October - 15 November 2022

What is it to confess? A secret, hidden beneath the public face, is surrendered to view. In this collection, Scott Breton turns to experiences connected to shame and pain, to the eternal struggle between despair and the vital lust for life. The results are dreamscapes. Or perhaps nightmares, with some containing confronting surreal imagery. Non-verbal, felt senses of the human condition, terrifying and beautiful, become a seductive black ocean, a spreading patch of blood, and the caress of golden light. Breton has made pictures of a mental jumble of conflicting forces shaping our world, from Palaeolithic cave painting, to today's mental health crisis, to contemplations of artificial intelligence, to the practises of Sufi mystics. In a formal sense, the life drawings included in this show are connected to the paintings by an investigation of the calligraphic, painterly mark, which has the capacity to make tangible the secret, kinetic themes that can be felt in the figure, and in the mark-making hand.

Yellow - Bronwyn Hill

18 November - 6 December 2022

This new collection concentrates on a core interest in colour, focusing on yellow and its complimentary purples. The paintings themselves display a variety of themes that have been explored in recent years - insects, figures, shadow play and personal concepts.

Yellow can be a challenging colour to work with- it's intensely rich but also easily muddied and dulled when mixing or layering. Despite the focus it takes though, it's also an energising hue to look at.

From The Heath - Lisa Christensen

18 November - 6 December 2022

The sandy, weathered environment of the coastal heath is where Lisa draws inspiration for her current work. Continuing in her pursuit of carefully rendered still-life paintings, she paints the gnarled twists and turns of the primitive-shaped plants of this area, placing the ‘wild’ within the calm and peace of softly-hued interior scapes. Relying on soft transitions in light and colour, the works create ‘quiet’ and provide a space for introspection; for revisiting memories and forging understandings of our links to place, home and nature. They seek to rekindle the wonder and innocent veneration that nature commands so much more when we are young.