Golden Brown (Texture like sun) - Tenterfield

By Scott McDougall $28,000

Medium: Oil on canvas

Year Completed: 2022

Size: 115cm by 200cm

General Information: On display in the 2023 Clayton Utz Art Award


About the Artist

A Brief History  

Scott McDougall’s career spans an impressive four decades. Since beginning his artist’s practice in Queensland, Scott has travelled extensively, capturing intimately observed moments across the globe. Employing highly refined painting techniques Scott’s paintings poetically describe places and people using beautifully controlled colour harmonies, carefully modulated tones and an exacting attention to detail. Mood and the specifics of atmosphere and lighting are expertly conveyed through this mastery of colour and bring a psychological intensity to all that he depicts. Streaming, warm sunshine, cracks in the pavement and the busyness of a city street are all effectively evoked through careful observation and the sensitive handling of his medium. Scott is an accomplished art teacher and has worked as a consultant for the Queensland State Education Department. Over the years, Scott’s work has been widely exhibited and collected both in Australia and overseas. 


2023    The Doyles Art Award – Landscape: First prize

2022    The Doyles Art award – Still life: Second prize. Landscape: Viewers choice

2022  Lethbridge Landscape prize - Highly commended 
2022  The Doyles Art Award - Landscape, Viewer's Choice Award, still life, second prize 
2021  Lethbridge Landscape prize - Highly commended 
2020  Salon des Refuses – Brisbane Portrait Prize - Petrie Terrace Gallery Award 
2019  Clayton Utz Art Award - Shared Second Place 
2018  The Border Art Prize, Tweed Regional Art Gallery 
2013  Murwillumbah Rotary Art Prize - First place & Viewers Choice Award 
2010  Hunter’s Hill Art Prize – People’s Choice Award 
2010  City of Albany Art Prize WA– Final section & People’s Choice Award 
2010  Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize - Members Choice Prize (Invitation only) 
2009  Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize - Members Choice Prize 
2007  Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize- Members Choice Prize 
2007  Redeemer Lutheran College Foundation Art Award for Excellence - Winner 
2006  Tattersall’s Club Landscape Prize- Members Choice Prize & Viewers Choice Award 
2004  Wagga Wagga Art Society Prize - Highly Commended & Viewers Choice Award 
1986  Schwartzkopff Spida Prize - Tour of Europe 
1980  Gold Coast Civic Collection - Judges selection 
1976  Rockhampton City Art Prize - Highly Commended 
1975  Rockhampton City Art Prize - Highly Commended 
1975  Charleville Art Prize - Highly Commended  

Solo Exhibitions 

2023    Weswal Gallery, Tamworth – Embrace

2022  Evolve minor/major, Lethbridge Gallery, QLD 
2020  Life in the Caldera, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2020  Land Marks - Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney 
2020  Memories of Venice - Bacaro, Tweed Regional Art Gallery, Murwillumbah |
2020  New Works - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2019  Playing with Fire - Tweed Regional Art Gallery Cafe 
2018  Playing with Fire - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2018  Carnivale - Bacaro, Tweed Regional Art Gallery, Murwillumbah 
2017  Paper, Scissors, Rock - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2017  Signs of Life - Art Atrium, Sydney 
2016  Chasing Beauty, Chula - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2016  Chasing Beauty, Chula - Hoi An & Hanoi Vietnam 
2015  Signs of Life - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2014  Landmarks Here and There - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2013  Marovo Medical, Fundraiser for the Soloman Islands 
2012  Fading Elegance: Visions of Cuba - Richard Martin Art, Sydney 
2011  An Eye for Detail - Blue Bicycle Gallery, Byron Bay 
2010  Lines of Communication - Richard Martin Art, Sydney 
2008  Havana to Hanoi - Delshan Gallery, Melbourne 
2007  Cuba & Vietnam - Moulton Galleries, Sydney 
2006  Havana to Hanoi - Hardy Brothers Fine Art, Brisbane 
2005  Bristol Art Fair, Bristol, UK 
2003  Moulton Galleries, Sydney 
2002  European Paintings - Vanessa Wood Fine Art, Sydney 
2001  Venezia - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney 
1999  Alice to Avignon - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney 
1997  Mascot to Venice - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney, Ansett Golden Wing Lounge 
1996  Madrid to Marrakesh - Queensland Breast Cancer Council Benefit, Brisbane 
1996  Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney 
1995  Italy/Prague - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney 
1994  The Carnivale Collection - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney 
1993  Bridge Street Gallery, Sydney 
1993  Prince & Cohen Fine Art Gallery, Sydney 
1991  Solo exhibition in aid of The Abused Child Trust, Brisbane 
1991  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney 
1990  Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne 
1986  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney 
1984  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney 
1983  Cooks Hill Gallery, Newcastle 
1982  Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney 
1981  Cintra House Gallery, Brisbane 
1980  Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney 
1979  Cintra House Gallery, Brisbane 

Group Exhibitions 

2022  Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane – Group show 
2022  Mist Gallery Cabarita, - 
2021  Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane – HOME, Artist showcase 
2021  Mist Gallery Cabarita,  The Home Show , Dream Big,  Roam, Encore 
2020  Mist Gallery Cabarita,    The great outdoors 
2018  QCA POP Gallery. Changes: forty years of artistic practice 
2018  Art Atrium, Sydney. Summer Sojourn 
2018  M-Arts Precinct, Murwillumbah. NSW, Four artists 
2017  Art Atrium, Sydney. Summer Sojourn 
2017  Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2015  Lethbridge Gallery Artist Showcase - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2014  Lethbridge Gallery Artist Showcase - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane 
2012  Summer Exhibition - Yallingup Gallery, W.A.  \
2010  Winter Exhibition - Richard Martin Art, Sydney 
2009  Flower Show - Brenda May Gallery, Sydney- 
2009  Summer & Winter Exhibitions - Bell Gallery, Berrima.  
2008  Summer & Winter Exhibitions - Bell Gallery, Berrima 
2007  Paris - Bell Gallery, Berrima 
2007  Christmas Exhibition - Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney  
2007  Christmas Exhibition - Paintbox, Canberra  
2006  Introductions - Delshan Gallery, Melbourne.  
2006  An Eye for Detail - The Forrest Gallery, Benandarah  
2006  Strokes of Genius - Hardy Brothers Fine Art, Brisbane 
2005  Winter 2005 - The Bell Gallery, Berrima  
2005  Off the Wall - Art Sydney, Sydney 
2005  Contemporary Art Fair Edinburgh, Scotland 
2005  The French Connection - The Bell Gallery, Berrima 
2004  Spring 2004 - The Bell Gallery, Berrima  
2004  Small Wonders - The Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammer School, Sydney. 
2004  Moulton Galleries, Sydney 
2003  Concerning Landscape. - The Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School, Sydney.  
2003  Five Contemporary Realists - The Bell Gallery, Berrima  
2003  The Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School, Sydney 
2003  Small Wonders -  Moulton Galleries, Sydney 
2002  Works on Paper - The Bell Gallery, Berrima  
2002  Spring 2002 - The Bell Gallery, Berrima 
2001  Cooks Hill Gallery, Newcastle. 
2001  CHOGM. Conference, Brisbane 
2001  A.S.A.P.(Artists Supporting Animal Preservation ) Vanessa Wood Fine Art. Sydney 
2000  Qantas Chairman’s Club, Heart of Australia Sydney /Wall Street Exchange 
2000  Qantas Club, Realities / Wall Street Exchange 
1999  The Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1999  Art Exchange International, London 
1999  La Belle Fleur - The Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1999  Winter 1999 - The Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1999  The Wagner Gallery, Hong Kong 
1999  Qantas Golden Wing Lounge, Melbourne / Wall Street Exchange 
1999  As We See It - The Forrest Gallery, Benandarah 
1998  Out of Australia - Lui Hai-Su Art Museum, Shanghai PRC  
1998  Gallery Attica, Katoomba  
1998  Qantas International Lounge, Sydney / Wall Street Exchange. Into The Light 
1997  Demeter Gallery, Sydney 
1997  Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1997  Michael Cummerford Fine Art, Byron Bay  
1997  Greythorn Gallery, Melbourne 
 1997  Literal Art - North Shore Fine Art / Greenhill Galleries, Perth. 
1996  Christmas Show - Dempster Fine Art, Melbourne 
1996  Demeter Gallery, Sydney 
1995  Group Exhibition - Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1994  Winter 1994 - Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1993  Passport to a Landscape, 12 Australian Artists - Valerie Cohen Fine Art, Sydney  
1993  Christmas Show - Dempster Fine Art, Melbourne.  
1992  Bridge Street Gallery, Sydney 
1992  Inaugural Exhibition: Kirkcaldy Davies Gallery, Melbourne 
1992  Inaugural Exhibition: Prince & Cohen Fine Art Gallery, Sydney 
1991  Bell Gallery, Berrima 
1990  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney: Dempsters Gallery, Melbourne 
1987  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney 
1986  Exhibited in the Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of NSW 
1985  Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney 
1984  Cooks Hill Gallery, Newcastle 


Represented in private collections, New York; Germany; Italy, Belgium, 
Canada and Spain. Queensland Art Gallery; Gold Coast Civic Collection; SGIO 
Collection, Brisbane; Schwartzkopff Collection; Seaworld Property Trust; 
Foote, Cone & Belding; CIG Collection; Rothschild Bank; Readers Digest; 
ANA Hotel, Sydney; Le Meridien, Melbourne; Royal Children’s Hospital, 
Camperdown; Corinthian Industries; Renaissance Ramada Hotel; Greythorn, 
London & Sydney offices; Redeemer Lutheran College, Brisbane 

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