Ebb and Flow

By Amanda Cameron

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 61cm by 61cm


About the Artist

A Brief History

Amanda Cameron is an artist based on the Gold Coast who started her career as a Graphic/Web Designer and Multimedia artist, which developed into a love of oil painting. She is predominantly self-taught, and in her career as an artist, she has been a finalist and award recipient in a number of prestigious Australian Art Awards, including the Mortimore Art Prize, D’Arcy Doyle Art Prize, Lethbridge 10000, Border Art Prize and Rotary Art Prize amongst others. She has exhibited in several group and solo shows.

Amanda has developed a fascination for the interactions and interrelationships between the natural world and people. Living and working on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, Amanda is travelling through a process of self-discovery and through her paintings offers the viewer an emotional escape.  Amanda’s work is focused on the quest for finding refuge, quietness and escapism. Some [paintings] focus on the lone swimmer, the few minutes of introspection when submerged in the warm quiet of water.

Amanda loves all kinds of art, but has a particular interest in realism in all its forms and grew up studying the classic masters. She has a special affinity for Norman Rockwell paintings and some of the more contemporary American realists such as Alyssa Monks, Bo Bartlett and Danny Galieote.  She loves the technical skills required to focus on detail and the precision and control needed to capture light.

Exhibitions and Awards

Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award – Finalist
Rotary Art Prize, Brisbane – Finalist
Art Shelter 
Dimensions Art Fair

Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award – Finalist
Rotary Art Prize Brisbane – Finalist
Contempo Exhibition – KAB Gallery
Dimensions Art Fair

Lethbridge 10000 – Finalist

Lethbridge 10000 – Finalist
Border Art Prize – Finalist
D’Arcy Doyle Art Prize – Finalist

D’Arcy Doyle Art Competition - Winner, Portraits/Figures
Border Art Prize - Winner, People’s Choice Award
Mortimore Art Prize  – Finalist

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