By Robert Riggs

Medium: Oil on canvas

Year Completed: 2023

Size: 23cm by 30cm


About the Artist

A Brief History

Painting in oils, Australian artist Robert Riggs has explored a variety of subject matter over the course of his career as an artist. Currently focussed on the genre of still life painting, Riggs uses his realistically depicted, moody arrangements as a vehicle for exploring the evocative power of light. In particular, his work investigates the way in which simple objects can be imbued with a sense of grandeur, bestowing importance upon the humblest of subjects, through the use of strong light and shadow. 

Solo Exhibitions 

2022 Strathnairn Arts 
2019 Strathnairn Arts.   


2022 Basil Sellers Art Prize 
2022 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award. 
2021 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award.  
2019 Fishers Ghost Art Award  (Traditional section) 

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