Madrigalia (Winter)

By Beth Mitchell $2,450

Medium: Metallic pearl paper acrylic facemount

Size: 120cm by 80cm

General Information: Available to order. Edition of 9 + 2 AP


About the Artist


Born in Toowoomba, Queensland 1991, Beth Mitchell invested a majority of her youth lost in creative expression and underwater experimentation through the medium of digital photography. Her work explores diverse femininity and contemporary womanhood through environmental, social and cultural stories and experiences in a captivating world under the surface. Beth’s work is held in public and private collections internationally. She is represented by Lethbridge Gallery, Queensland.


“To dive into Beth Mitchells contemporary photographic art is to be immersed in an underwater world of female figures suspended in mindful and surreal constructs. With a fierce commitment to celebrating the female form, Beths work has evolved and matured in response to internal and external narratives. Her recent work explores connections to culture, nature, and social issues, creating impact with intimate and emotive stories, and a skillful mastery of technical challenges.”

- words by Beautiful Bizarre writer Elizabeth Barden

Solo Exhibitions

2021                     “Firewater”, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2020                     “Force of Femininity”, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2018                     “The Dome”, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento, Melbourne, VIC

2017                     “The Dome”, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2016                     “Arafura”,  Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2014                     “The Imaginarium”, Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay, NSW

2014                     “The Imaginarium”, C Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2012                     “Whimsical”, Tosari Galleries, Toowoomba, QLD

Select Exhibitions

2021                     “Springfinity”, Vitrine Installation, Edward & Queen St, Brisbane, QLD

2021                     “Springfinity”, Lightbox (7) works, King George Square, Brisbane, QLD

2021                     Brisbane Portrait Prize, Powerhouse, Brisbane QLD

2021                     Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba, QLD

2020                     Artists Down Under, Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, California

2020                     “Ascension” projection Antique Centre, Paddington Terraces Precinct Project, QLD

2019                     Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane, QLD

2019                     Clayton Utz Art Award, Riparian Plaza Brisbane, QLD

2019                     Lethbridge 20,000, Brisbane, QLD

2018                     Group Show by Manyung Galleries, Singapore Affordable Art Fair

2017                     Heritage Bank Art Prize, University of Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD

2016                     “She”, Manyung Galleries, Melbourne, VIC

2015                     “Works on Paper”, Manyung Galleries, Melbourne, Victoria

2014                     Queensland Festival of Photography, Tosari Galleries, Toowoomba, QLD

2014                     Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba Exhibition

2014                     Retrospect Gallery Artists, Hong Kong, Singapore & London Affordable Art Fairs

2013                     “See Me”,  Digital Art Exhibition, New York, NY

2013                     “Keeping Youth” Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay

2013                     Grammar Art Show, Feature Artist, Toowoomba Qld

2013                     Heritage Bank Art Award, Brisbane Performing Arts Centre,Brisbane, QLD

2013                     Retrospect Gallery Artists, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels Affordable Art Fairs

2012                     Strutten Collective, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

2012                     Muswellbrook Art Prize, Muswellbrook Regional Gallery, NSW

Select Awards/Collections

2021                     Brisbane Portrait Prize, ”No Land in Sight” (overall winner) Lord Mayor 50k Prize

2021                     Beautiful Bizarre International Art Prize “Amphitrite” (finalist)

2020                     Gadens Corporate Art Collection Acquisition “Embers”

2020                     Brisbane Portrait Prize, ”Embers” (finalist)

2020                     Beautiful Bizarre International Art Prize “Evergreen" (finalist)

2020                     Clayton Utz Art Award “Lumina" (finalist)

2020                     Mono Awards Australia “Lumina" (honourable mention)

2020                     Australia Top Emerging Photographer (honourable mention)

2019                     Brisbane Portrait Prize “Ascension" (category winner)

2019                     Beautiful Bizarre International Art Prize “Ariadne" (third place)

2019                     “The Drapery” Woollongabba Art Collection Acquisition, Aria Property Group

2019                     Clayton Utz Art Award, “Equipoise” (finalist)

2019                     Australian Photography Award, “Equipoise” (honourable mention)

2019                     Brisbane Rotary Art Prize, (finalist & curators choice)

2018                     Capture Magazine Emerging Photographer of the Year “The Dome” (winner)

2018                     Clayton Utz Art Award, “The Dome” (finalist)

2015                     RAW National Photographer of the Year Awards (winner)

2015                     Heritage Bank Photographic Award (runner up)

2015                     Heritage Bank Bruce Mckenzie Award “Vesuvius” (winner)

2014                     NB Art Prize, (honourable mention)

2013                     Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize, “Alice” (category winner “creativity”)

2012                     Macquarie Photography Prize (finalist)

2012                     Muswellbrook Photographic Award (finalist)

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