Artist's Retreat

By Sangeeta Mahajan

Medium: Photography

Year Completed: 2022


About the Artist


Sangeeta Mahajan is a Brisbane based art photographer specialising in painterly fine art portraiture and conceptual narrative photography.

Through her photographs, she likes to explore what lies beneath the human skin- the subtle, unspoken twists and angst of the heart and thought.  She loves to create story-telling art that somehow reflects subtle nuances of people's reality, their relationships and their inner self.  She likes to frame people in situ and capture the micro expressions, the transient emotion, the psychology of relationships that can barely be seen on the surface. For Sangeeta, her work a way of expressing the internal beauty and distortions of the human form in a subtle manner, using light, shadow, mood, emotion and artistry.

While her post graduate qualifications in Literature and Management significantly influence her art, she is completely self-taught in terms of photography. 

Sangeeta’s work has been published in numerous international magazines and some of her works have won multiple accolades in Australian and international fine art competitions. 


  • Winner- Art Lovers Australia Prize- 2022
  • Winner Gold- Tokyo International Foto Awards- 2022
  • Winner- Clayton Utz Art Award- 2021
  • Highly Commended Award - Lethbridge 20000- 2021
  • Finalist- Salon De Refuses- Brisbane Portrait Prize 2021
  • Winner (3rd place)- Staged Photographs- 35 Awards 2021
  • Finalist- Siena International Photo Awards2021
  • Top 100 photographers - Conceptual Photography- 35 Awards 2021
  • Finalist- Siena Creative Art Awards 2020
  • Nokia Creative Top 30 Australian Photographer of the Year- Australian Photography 2020
  • Winner Art Photography- 35 Awards 2020
  • 2nd Place and Honourable Mentions- Australian Photography Awards (Fine Art) 2020
  • Gold and Silver- WPE International Photography Awards 2020
  • Honourable Mention and Acceptance- Full Frame International (FFI) Award 2020

Art Gallery Exhibitions

  • Collectors’ Edition Exhibition- Art Lovers Australia, March 2022, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Clayton Utz Art Prize Finalists Exhibition- 2021- 2022, Brisbane, Australia
  • Brisbane Landmarks, Landscapes & Personalities Exhibition, RQAS, February 2022, Brisbane, Australia
  • Salon De Refuses- Brisbane Portrait Prize, October 2021, Brisbane, Australia
  • 'The Romantics'- Exhibition- Art Lovers Australia- August 2021, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Finalists Exhibition - Lethbridge 20000- July 2021, Brisbane, Australia
  • Salon de Refuses - Lethbridge 20000- July 2021, Brisbane, Australia
  • Aarwun Art Gallery- July 2021, Canberra, Australia
  • The Staged Photograph' - Juried Exhibition 2021 at The SE Center for Photography, S Carolina, USA
  • Society of Arts and Crafts (SAC’s) & Stonehenge Gallery Juried Photo Exhibit 2021, Alabama, USA
  • More Art Please Gallery, 2021, Brasov, Romania
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